Nayoung, Lee


Nayoung, Lee


07/05/2021 – 08/06/2021


Ajou University


Motives to participate in UN internship

I wanted to know about the world. And I think the UN is at the center of the world I want to know. I wanted to know what agendas are being dealt with in the international community beyond simply our society and how the international community's problems are being resolved. I wanted to know what role I could play in a future where problems such as war, hunger, and the environment can be solved without prejudice.

Main tasks and activities

I attend UN meetings every day and take minutes. Write down what the agenda for the day is, who the participants are, and report what they said. And every Wednesday we have webinars. We invite new guests each week to webinars hosted by WIT and listen to speeches on their areas of expertise. Speech is also summarized and made into a report.

What you like, what you learn, what you feel, etc.

You can hear the stories of representatives from all over the world. Also, international organizations from different countries can participate and hear their stories. Above all, I think the biggest advantage is being able to hear the opinions of representatives of each country on international issues vividly.

Your own tips for a successful internship

1. Go to the journal every day to check the time and write it down on your calendar ahead of time so you can attend meetings without mistakes.
2. Turn on subtitles to make the meeting easier to understand.
3. Unjournal provides basic meeting information. You can walk in and see who is chairing the meeting, what the agenda is and what the basic summary is.
4. It is a good idea to keep taking notes while attending the meeting. At first glance, you may miss an important point or the speech of a representative.