Busniess Internship

JiHee, Lee


JiHee, Lee


08/31/2020 – 08/06/2021


University in USA (Master)


Business Analysis Major


Arizona Pediatric Institution


Financial Analyst


Motives to participate in employment in the United States / How I learned about ICN

After grad school, I came to the United States to find a job Ahead of graduation, I saw a post about ICN on a Korean job/job site called HeyKorean as the economy around the world, including the United States, was struggling due to Corona 19 and the unemployment rate was increasing. I joined with a bit of skepticism when I saw an article that would help me to find a job abroad without any compensation and even support a small amount of settlement subsidy if I succeeded in getting a job. I had to write until the end of the year. A big thank you personally to Jenny from ICN.

Company introduction and job description

Due to the aftermath of COVID-19, a company called A*** Healthcare, where I currently work, mandates 100% telecommuting. Therefore, we regret that we cannot upload photos inside and outside the company together. A*** is one of America's leading healthcare companies, and its size continues to grow, including mergers and acquisitions of other small healthcare companies. I am working as a financial data analyst by managing/analyzing the increasing data within the company, and taking advantage of my strengths, especially my undergraduate major and AICPA. After passing through a total of three interviews (HR, team members, direct manager), all the supplies necessary for telecommuting (laptops, monitors, mice, keyboards, headsets, various office supplies such as pens and notes, and company souvenirs such as T-shirts) are housed in the house. has been shipped to Through the orientation for the first week after joining the company, education was provided on the company's history, organization, and benefits that can be received as a member of the company. There were many. Because we work from home, our working hours are flexible, and collaborations and meetings are mainly done in the form of video chats. I am very satisfied with the work environment and the people I work with are very friendly without racial discrimination.

Living in America

During school, life in America was extremely enjoyable. (Before COVID-19, of course.) There were times when it was difficult because of studying or exams, but it was fun to experience a new culture. I had an outdoor barbecue party that I only saw in movies with my friends at school, and I did Halloween makeup that I had never done in Korea. But now, I think most people, not just me, are being greatly affected by COVID-19. These days, where outside activities are limited enough to generate the word “corona blue,” and it is easy to lose vitality in life, with the addition of working from home, there is really little to go out. Necessary household necessities and groceries are also delivered to your home through online ordering, and the chances of eating out have significantly decreased. However, using the crisis as an opportunity, I enjoy a lot of free time that I never thought possible when working in Korea, and I try not to waste my time doing sports that I neglected, cooking at home as a hobby, or taking necessary online lectures. I think it's important to be able to tolerate the times when you can easily become depressed while driving when you're too frustrated, or making video calls with family and friends in Korea.

Reasons for recommending overseas employment

It is difficult to compare the work itself because there is a significant difference between the work I was doing in Korea and the work I was doing in the US. But the biggest difference is that all conversations are in English… Of course, it would be obvious, but I want to stress that the language you study at your desk from a book is very different from the language you learn within the culture of encountering and living with people who speak that language as your first language. In the United States, even a small company often feels relatively large because of the rapid increase in working English and the wider regional scope than in Korea. I think this will also be of great help in increasing knowledge. Lastly, I suspect that this is the reason why many international students come to the United States to work and settle permanently in the United States. It means work and life balance, and unlike the Korean work environment where overtime is natural, I feel that my part is very protected, and it may differ depending on the industry, but it may be different from overtime or additional work. There is significantly less work. I think it's also attractive that even when you're on vacation, you can have some personal time without being noticed if you get permission from your boss in advance for a date within a reasonable time.

Tips for those who are preparing for overseas employment

I don't know if it was because of the special situation of Corona 19, but I saw statistics that the employment rate of graduates this year was remarkably low. The reality is that local employment is never as easy as you think, and even if you ask for local work experience or find it difficult to get a job, you are always at a disadvantage because of visa issues or you are always at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating employment conditions. But in the meantime, if there is anything you can prepare for, first, overcome the language barrier. It is essential to have the ability to communicate in a coherent manner that I am a good person and to prove that there are no problems in carrying out my work. Second, be prepared. This also applies to domestic employment. Your resume, cover letter, and expected interview questions and answers should always be ready. It is also important to do research on the company you are applying for or to get in touch with and hear from people who work for the company in advance through sites such as LinkedIn. Finally, think positively. It should not be confused with the words leisurely and lazy. I also didn't want to use this obvious phrase from my self-help book as my last Tip, but looking back a few months ago, when I was chased by a 90-day employment period, booked a flight ticket to Korea, and desperately prepared for a job, I can't break my mentality as much as possible. It looks like he was holding on to it. My friends who graduated with me also applied to over 300 companies on average, which is the average of foreigners, mostly with work experience, with a master's degree. If you apply for 300, you will gain some dignity. Please remember that applying to too many companies within a short period by investing as much time and energy as possible is an experience, blood, and weight. I hope you all work hard and achieve what you want.