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Abraham Mayar Yol


Abraham Mayar Yol


11 weeks


The Purpose of the U.N. Business Career Program

To the best of my knowledge, the internship purpose was to have a full knowledge on how the UN system is. And how it works in collaboration with other NGOS in maintaining peace and security/ and for a sustainable development goals globally.

Your Main Job Description

My job was to attend the live meetings virtually; as I was a WIT representative Internship Student, and write summary reports about the meetings that usually come as either a panel, discussion or a briefing. Also, we as the internship students are to discuss about the topics via zoom meetings every week.

Any Lessons? Thought? for this Program?

All in all, the lessons learned are many, for instance, I learned about the peacekeepers working constantly maintaining cease fire and de-escalate conflicts. And how UN is working to bring sustainable development goals to the Least Developing Countries.

Provide your Tips to Succeed this Program

My only tips to the success of the program would be to invited lots of speakers at the program so that internship students would get more knowledge about the UN system.