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UN_Hyerim, Kim


Chaehyun, Kim


Chaehyun, Kim


03/22/2021 – 04/23/2021


Silla University


Korean language and literature


Motivation for participating in UN internship

I found out about the UN Internship Program through Instagram while I was researching because I didn't want to waste this time. After all, I had 5 months left before I started studying for a master's degree in the UK. Originally, I was very interested in women and refugees, and there was a job related to my work (renewable energy) among the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, so I applied through the ICN group.

Contents of your main work and activities during the internship

Since I'm an intern, I don't have a lot of work. She attends UN meetings every day, writes for at least three minutes a week, and mails them to the person in charge. It's possible. In addition, the training hosted by World Information Transfer was to be completed every Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:00 (Eastern Time). Minutes submitted weekly are given feedback via email or weekly meetings on Mondays. At first, I was with Fred in charge, but in the second half, Dr. It was done with Durbak and both of them provided feedback.

What I liked about working as an intern, what I learned, what I felt, etc.

The good thing is that I can attend any meeting I want, and I can watch the policies being made. In addition, you can see that the results and policies of each country are really practical, and you can see how countries in poverty are slowly getting out of the way by quickly pursuing various policies that can help them recover quickly in a short period. At the time of the interview, the person in charge said that the strength of the UN is diversity, and I think that this strength is the point where prejudices when looking at other countries disappear. That is also respect for diversity.

Your own tips for a successful internship

English is very important. I had to have an IELTS English score because I was preparing to study abroad, and it wasn't a bad score, but I didn't go to a language course or lived abroad, so when I first attended the meeting, there were cases where I couldn't hear it at first. . After writing the first meeting minutes, I studied writing/listening separately when it wasn't meeting time, and this was a great help. And fortunately, the recorded meetings were uploaded on UN Web TV or YouTube, so I used them often. Also, there were cases where the statement of each country was uploaded on the UN Journal website, so I summarized it. However, in the end, it is due to your English proficiency, so do not rely on the Statement. Receive bloody feedback from emails or video conferences with interns.


At the UN Women Webina. In this case, 6 representatives usually speak, and others except for the representative express their opinions through chatting. It was the most fun time for me personally.

One of the scenes of WIT training is held every Wednesday. The training focused on the role of wholesale and retail traders in health food supply and education. The topic changes every week.

The minutes of the meeting are sent to the person in charge, and feedback is sent. Usually, when things go well, there is no word except for the first week, but when there are some problems like this, an answer comes immediately.