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UN_Chaehyun, Kim


Chaehyun, Kim


Chaehyun, Kim


07/26/2021 – 09/03/2021


Hanyang University


International Studies


The Purpose of the U.N. Business Career Program

The purpose of this U.N. Business Career Program was so that students could get a feel of what the United Nations is really like. You listen to the meetings of U.N in real time and you write reports and summaries about it. Most of the stuff that is going on in the world is being discussed by diplomats in the United Nations each taking a turn to talk about their country’s position. There are many new international laws that are being made and you get to listen to governmental experts all over the world talk about it.

Your Main Job Description

My main job was to listen into the meetings and to summarize what was going on in the meetings. You have to listen in life time and take notes then you have to summarize the points into a coherent fashion. You also have weekly meetings where you get to hear from experts on environmental and health fields giving you a glimpse into their fields.

Any Lessons? Thought? for this Program?

I find this program to be very engaging and fun. Overall, I learned so much of how the United Nations operates. It helped me get into contact over what was going on in the world as well as understand sensitive and important topics that are being discussed.

Provide your Tips to Succeed this Program

I believe the most important thing is to pay attention to what is going on in the meetings. You will miss some important details if you don’t pay attention. You should take in what people are saying and organize their points then start writing summaries. As long as you are diligent and able to comprehend English well, you will be fine!