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UN_Jimin, Kim


Jimin, Kim


Jimin, Kim


06/28/2021 – 07/24/2021


Bishop Seabury Academy


Motivation for UN Internship Participation

I have always wanted to attend a conference meeting where different nations would cooperate to resolve a ongoing global issue.

Main tasks and activities

I have attended live conference meetings as well as Virtual Webinars daily, excluding weekends; moreover, I have written and submitted reports and summaries regarding the meetings I have participated in.

What you liked, what you learned, what you felt, etc.

Despite having limitations of only being able to participate virtually, it has been a great experience to attend real meetings organized by different major organizations. It has benefited me in various ways: learning about the current major topics in the world today, the implications of solutions to a global issue, and more.

Your own tips for a successful internship

It has been a challenging 5 weeks, but reading the short description below or the topic of the meetings to grasp the main idea which will be discussed has helped me stupendously in comprehending and understanding the meetings.