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UN_Minsang, Jung


Minsang, Jung


Minsang, Jung


06/28/2021 – 07/24/2021


Worcester academy


Motivation for UN Internship Participation

I was interested in sports medicine, so I looked up sports medicine on the internet, and I became interested in the UN because there were many activities and internships related to sport medicine.

Main tasks and activities

Attend general assembly, meeting, conferences, media stakeouts, press conferences, and write a brief summary or report about the meeting that I attend.

What you liked, what you learned, what you felt, etc.

Listen to the opinions and perspectives of people from various countries. Specially, about how the COVID-19 effect the world. And learned how the United Nation and other international organization are helping the people in need.

Your own tips for a successful internship

My tips for this internship are I asked a lot of question through email or weekly meeting to Mr. Fred, who is the supervisor for internship, that I don’t know. I kept being checked by Mr. Fred and supplemented by receiving feedback.