UN_Seoyun Angie Kim


Seoyun Angie Kim


Seoyun Angie Kim


06/22/2021 - 07/23/2021


Kimball Union Academy


Motivation for UN Internship Participation

Ever since I was a little kid, I was a person who liked animals, plants, and everything surrounding me. I was curious how people in the other part of the world were living, how fishes in the sea were living and how the world was going around. At first, I wanted to have an experience in this great opportunity. I wanted to learn more about other people and our world better.

Main tasks and activities

The work that I have done during this internship was mostly writing summaries based on the meetings, conferences, and webinars that I participated in. I received feedback and during the meetings that we had with the supervisor and other interns, we shared our ideas and I was able to learn more from the discussions that we had.

What you liked, what you learned, what you felt, etc.

The good thing during internship was that I was able to learn more about our world, how it is functioning and all the hard work people are taking to solve problems. From the conferences, I think that my English skills have definitely improved. Also, watching the conferences and writing the summaries down was also the most important skill that I have learned. Through this opportunity, I thought that I wanted to be a person who could influence others and teach people who need help. This internship not only taught me about the world and people, but also shaped how I should think and act as a person.

Your own tips for a successful internship

I think the most important feature in completing this internship is to be organized and try to watch as many meetings and conferences as you can. When writing summaries, watching the whole conference, jotting down thoughts and then writing the summary down would be my tip.